Deal: unlocked Samsung Focus S Windows Phone available in Australia and New Zealand for $499


In a press release published by Samsung, the Samsung Focus S Windows Phone is now available for purchase, unlocked, both in Australia and New Zealand. The device is available specifically through the Australia-based MobiCity website. The unlocked Focus S is available for the price of $499, it includes a 12 month warranty and free shipping both to Australia and New … [Read more...]

Europe Not Interested In Samsung Focus S – Samsung Promises More Beautiful Devices

Professor Thibault, communicator of all things Windows Phone on the European side of the world, posted about the Samsung Focus S (codenamed Yukon) coming to Europe. Europeans have long questioned the availability of the Samsung Focus S and when it would happen, but Thibault finally gives disappointing news. He claims, from an extremely reliable source, that the majority of … [Read more...]

Great Deals On Samsung Focus, Samsung Focus Flash, Nokia Lumia 710 And More Windows Phones


Between Amazon Wireless and we have found some great deals on some of the best Windows Phones available today (all at off contract prices!). Included in these great deals is the recently released Nokia Lumia 710 which you can purchase off-contract at a sale price on Amazon Wireless in either black or white. We will spare you all the lengthy reading on what the price of … [Read more...]