Facebook for Windows Phone 2.4 Released, Events Restored

Facebook for Windows Phone

It wasn't that long ago that Facebook for Windows Phone 2.3 was released, but that apparently caused an issue where events were no longer accessible from the main menu entry. It required a few hoops to jump through in order to view events. Thankfully, a quick update to version 2.4 has been released in the Marketplace that brings back all the joy of easily accessed events. … [Read more...]

Facebook for Windows Phone Gets Update

Available today, a new Facebook for Windows Phone will be available in the Marketplace. Version 2.3 offers a number of enhancements including: News feed performance improvements • New panorama design. • New profile design. • Banner Images. • Improved navigation. • Pages • Groups • View “likes”. • Feed filters. • Posting privacy. • Bug fixing Download the update … [Read more...]

Facebook WP7 App Passes The Half-Million Mark


As spotted by PocketNow, the Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 now has more than 500,000 monthly users. Right now we're not sure if this number is the people who installed the dedicated Facebook app, or if it counts all people who link a Facebook account into their People Hub. Around three months ago, this number sat at just over 200,000, so the speed of adoption seems to be … [Read more...]

Facebook App For Windows Phone 7 Gets Updated With Places and Tagging


Facebook for Windows Phone 7 has been given a significant update, which brings it up to speed with many of the features of the iOS and Android versions. The new version lets you use Places, which allows you to check in to nearby locations, as well as geotag photos. Because nothing says awesome like letting your friends now exactly how often you go to Panda Express. You can also … [Read more...]

Ubiquity of Facebook Gives Us Another Look At WP7 Sales

Everybody's on Facebook. Well, not quite everybody, but your grandparents are, and that's enough for you to know that gauging how many Facebook users are on WP7 gives you a pretty good idea of the overall number of people using the platform. WMPU have trawled the numbers for both the default Facebook integration, and the dedicated Facebook app, and the numbers aren't exactly … [Read more...]