HTC Surround Reaches EOL?


If you happen upon either the AT&T or Telus websites this weekend, the HTC Surround is no where to be found. A search for the device yields a message indicating the HTC Surround is no longer available. This could be a sign that the HTC Titan will make it's debut as a replacement. In fact, we're wondering when AT&T will release any of the new Windows Phone Mango lineup … [Read more...]

Sprint Moto Q 9c EOL

Several reports have been coming in that the Sprint Moto Q 9c is no longer available for purchase on Sprint's website. Sprint customer service representatives have confirmed the Moto Q 9c is not available and will not be restocked. With both the Moto Q and Moto Q 9c out of stock at Sprint, it could be that we are due to see a new Moto Q release, despite no rumors of such a … [Read more...]