Microsoft Teams Up With Barnes & Noble On New eBooks Initiative

Nook Windows 8

Announced today, Microsoft will be investing $300 million into a new partnership with Barnes and Noble. The two will form a new subsidiary of Barnes and Noble, that will include all of the Nook business along with the educational college business. The current Nook runs Android and has in itself become a bit of an underground fan favorite among hackers who have found it … [Read more...]

Kindle App Available For WP7


Amazon continues their relentless march to have the Kindle app available on every platform imaginable, and they have released the ebook reader for WP7. Announced in October, the app is now finally available for download from the Marketplace, and is free in the "books & reference" section. As with all the other versions of the application, you can sync notes and bookmarks … [Read more...]

GoReader Brings Google Books To WP7


Google recently branched into the eBook market with Google eBookstore, which has a remarkably good mobile browser, as well as native apps for iOS and Android. But what about if you want to read one of the novels on WP7, but don't want to use IE to do it? GoReader is a $0.99 reader for Google Books which, "allows you to search and read your favourite books from thousands of free … [Read more...]