BlackBerry Application Suite Leaked, Running On Windows Mobile


A while back, RIM had the idea of porting parts of the BlackBerry OS to a virtual machine that would run on top of Windows Mobile. Why, it's not clear and we're not sure if the project is still alive. We do know that the industrious folks at XDA Developers have released the BlackBerry Application Suite in CAB form and seems to work well. Requirements are that you are on a BES … [Read more...]

HTC Makes Tilt 2 ROM Available, Tweakers Rejoice


One of the finer points of owning a Windows Mobile device is the amount of tweaking one can do to the device. Those on the cutting edge will either develop or install customized ROM's on their device. The risk of installing a custom ROM can be a bricked device. No one gets excited about turning their primary communicating device into an expensive paper weight. WMExperts lets us … [Read more...]