Nokia Drive And Location Services Now Available To Other Windows Phone 8 Partners


  As posted on the Nokia Conversations blog, Nokia has made Nokia Drive available to other Windows Phone 8 partners. What does this mean, in a nutshell? Other Windows Phone 8 partners with access to Nokia Drive will offer a turn-by-turn navigation experience for users in over 110 countries. The ease of use, the user experience produced, and location-based services … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 VoIP And Video Chat Support Will Allow Applications To Be Built-in And Run In The Background


There has been plenty of talk about when Skype on the Windows Phone would be updated to run in the background, and if it would also ever be built-in to the Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8 will actually bring VoIP and video chat support to all supported devices. This was announced as a feature of Windows Phone 8, so it seems current devices may not ever see Skype run in the … [Read more...]

Rumor: Manufacturers To Receive Windows Phone 8 Build During June 20th Developer Summit


According to "industry sources" claimed by Digitimes, the latest rumor concerning what will be revealed at the June 20th Developer Summit is that a build of Windows Phone 8 will be released to manufacturers. This build will be far from RTM, as June is very early for the planned release of Windows Phone 8 code named Apollo. This release of Windows Phone 8 to manufacturers, if … [Read more...]

June 20th Microsoft Developer Summit Now Promises A Sneak Peek Of Windows Phone’s Future


Looks like Microsoft changed their plans for the June 20th Developer Summit, or they just stayed quiet up until now about a sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone. That's right, on June 20th you now have even more reason to save the date, as Microsoft has revealed that on that day you will indeed see the future of Windows Phone. That future is expected to involve the next … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone Developer Summit For June 20th


Microsoft has announced a Windows Phone Developer Summit that will take place from June 20th to the 21st next month. The summit will be held in San Francisco, California and, according to sources, Microsoft is using this event to attract developers and big name brands to the Windows Phone platform. Unfortunately, for the Windows Phone platform, although it is very different … [Read more...]