Interview with Windows Phone Indie Developer Elbert Perez

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My first time buying a Windows Phone was about a week after the HTC Arrive launched on Sprint last March. Since that time, there's been a big increase in the number of apps that appear in the marketplace. One of the first games I tried out was called Armored Drive and it's developed by Elbert Perez. Elbert is an indie developer who has 14 (yes, 14!) games in the marketplace. He … [Read more...]

Microsoft and ChevronWP7 Partner To Deliver Windows Phone 7 Developer Unlock Tool

ChevronWP7, a software tool that unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices, was discontinued back in 2011. At the time, the developers indicated that they would be working with Microsoft on a possible official route to unlocking. The group met with Microsoft in January. Through this discussion, we established a mutual understanding of our intent to enable homebrew opportunities … [Read more...]

Beta Mango Developer Tools: Available Today

Windows Phone Mango Developer Tools Beta

If you are a Windows Phone developer, then today is a good day. Microsoft today showcased a plethora of new features in Windows Phone Mango. They've also announced that developers can get a beta release of Windows Phone Developer Tools that include support for Mango today. The new application includes the following features: Background processing New profiler and … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Stencil UI Makes Great Tool For Developers

Windows Phone 7 Stencil

A few days we mentioned this on Twitter, but it's worth posting again. UI Stencils has created a Windows Phone 7 Stencil Kit. The stainless stell stencil is precision cut and makes for the ideal tool to complete work on that killer interface, app flow or wireframe. The company co-developed the kit with help from the Windows Phone internal design team at Microsoft. The … [Read more...]

How you can promote your Windows Phone 7 app or game for free

Windows Phone marketplace

With the Marketplace breaking the 10,000 app mark and growing, it's increasingly difficult for developers to stand out from the crowd. To help provide developers with more exposure, we are announcing our free Developer App Promotion program. Our site is home to over 100,000 members and now developers can tap into that audience, all for the price of free. It's also a great way … [Read more...]