Deal: Pre-paid T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone For $199.99


Through T-Mobile USA, you may now purchase a pre-paid Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone for $199.99. With all the criticism the Lumia 610 has been receiving about not having enough RAM, the step up is the Lumia 710. There is no better deal to find than this one to purchase the Lumia 710. To break down the low price, you start at $349.99, then a web only discount of $100 is … [Read more...]

Deal: Unlocked Cyan Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone For $629


If you live in the big down under (that's Australia), you may currently purchase a unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone in cyan color for only $629.00. You can purchase the unlocked Lumia 900 Windows Phone over at Mobileciti. Currently, Mobileciti lists the device as in stock, and your purchase also includes a 24 month manufacturer warranty. Here is what comes with your … [Read more...]

Deal: Nokia Lumia 710 With £20 App Voucher For £99.95 At The Carphone Warehouse


Over at The Carphone Warehouse, you can purchase a Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone for £99.95 and you will also receive a free £20 application voucher. The free application voucher has absolutely no restriction, you can use it to purchase any applications you want on the Windows Phone marketplace. You can purchase the Lumia 710 at The Carphone Warehouse through the following … [Read more...]

Deal: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 For £445.98


UK-based website Unlocked Mobiles has a great deal for an unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone, priced at £445.98 including VAT. At the moment, the device is in stock through Unlocked Mobiles, they provide next day delivery, and claim the lowest sim-free price along with great service. Seems like it is the best place to go for an unlocked Lumia 900, also at a great price. … [Read more...]

Deal: Samsung Focus 2 On Sale For $0.01 Through Amazon Wireless


The Samsung Focus 2 4G LTE Windows Phone just became available earlier this week, yet it is already available for a big sale on Amazon Wireless. Specifically, you can purchase the Samsung Focus 2 through Amazon Wireless for only $0.01 (that's a penny!). Here's the simply pricing breakdown at the moment through Amazon Wireless: New AT&T Customers Individual Account - … [Read more...]