HTC Arrive To Have NoDo Preinstalled? [updated]

According to PhoneScoop, when the HTC Arrive hits stores on March 20th, it'll come with NoDo preinstalled. That's right folks, you'll be able to copy and paste. Huzzah! Sprint has informed Phone Scoop that the HTC Arrive, which will become available starting March 20, ships with the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update preinstalled. This updated system software includes cut and … [Read more...]

Copy & Paste Demo on HTC Arrive

HTC Arrive

Engadget was able to get a preview of the upcoming HTC Arrive, which is arriving on March 20th on Sprint. The HTC Arrive is actually the HTC 7 Pro rebranded for Sprint. It will include the March update that allows for CDMA support and gasp, copy & past. Check out the video below for a quick demo. … [Read more...]

Some Dell Venue Pros Shipping With NoDo Already Installed?

While most of us sit and twiddle our thumbs, waiting for a pre-NoDo update to land on our phones, rumor has it that some Dell Venue Pros are shipping with NoDo pre-installed. According to WPCentral, some buyers in India are finding their phones can already copy and paste. According to their tipster: "My friend just picked up a new Dell Venue Pro in India. And it has the … [Read more...]

Chris Walsh Runs Through WP7.1 Features


Chris Walsh, one of the guys behind ChevronWP7, has been chatting to the WP7 team for a couple of days now, and has put up a blog post about the new features expected in the update to Windows Phone 7. Assumedly Windows Phone 7.1, codenamed NoDo, will definitely bring copy and paste as well as speed improvements to the platform. Walsh points out that one of the limitations of … [Read more...]

Copy and Paste Will Indeed Be System Wide

Screen shot 2011-01-07 at 10.03.16 AM

Due to some slightly odd wording in the official Microsoft statement about their upcoming software update, we weren't sure if copy and paste would be system wide, or you would only be able to copy from select applications. WP7 General Manager Charlie Kindel has put these rumors to rest over twitter, saying: of course C&P will work in Silverlight WP7 apps Sorted! [via … [Read more...]