Nokia Location-Based Platform To Replace Bing Maps On All Devices [Updated]

Update: A reader of ours has informed us that this information was in fact misquoted by the blog that published the interview. Paul Thurrott has cleared up the misquote. Elop Misquoted: Bing Maps Aren't Being Renamed or Rebranded A blogger interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is being widely misquoted, unless I'm missing something, with many now claiming that Microsoft is … [Read more...]

Skype For Windows Phone Due First Half Of 2012 – Full Integration With Apollo Update


Paul Thurrott brings us plenty of good (and finally more) news of Skype coming to the Windows Phone, in any form. Via his SuperSite Blog, Thurrott gives us a little insight on why Skype on Windows Phone was never released by the end of 2011 as expected, what Microsoft is planning in the end with Skype on Windows Phone, and how a Skype application would be the only thing coming. … [Read more...]

CNN Officially Announces Windows Phone Application


If you overlooked our coverage on the CNN application shown off at CES 2012, now you have an official announcement from CNN. The application was shown off by way of the CES show floor on behalf of Nokia representatives with the new Nokia Lumia 900 devices. News about the CNN application coming for a limited time to Nokia devices moved around quickly. CNN reveals just how long … [Read more...]

Nokia Confirms Full RGB Matrix Display On Lumia 900 Windows Phone


As if you didn't have enough reasons to crave the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone! As soon as the Nokia Lumia 900 was announced during the Nokia keynote of CES 2012, many questions were raised about the device concerning specifications, technology and more. The minds over at The Nokia Blog had only one determined question they wanted an answer to (and got one). Their … [Read more...]

Nokia Shows Off Exclusive Windows Phone Applications At CES 2012


The Nokia booth has been very busy in the past few days of CES 2012. After announcing new devices like the already available (in the United States) Lumia 710 and the coming Lumia 900, the Nokia booth is buzzing with excitement, previews and hands on goodness. The folks over at The Nokia Blog got some video of the Nokia City Lens Beta application and the Nokia Transport … [Read more...]