Losing Windows Phone 7 Camera Settings Is A Feature

Windows Phone 7 camera

We've seen a number of folks in our Windows Phone Forums complain about the inability to save camera settings. There are a number of settings, all of which are lost when exiting the app. What was thought to be a bug is actually a feature, at least according to Brian Setz, Senior Marketing Manager on the Windows Phone Communications group. Thanks for the feedback … [Read more...]

Hack Shows Off Augmented Reality on Windows Phone 7

We're not developers, but apparently the Windows Phone 7 operating system doesn't allow for direct access to the camera. Thus, a hack is required in order to develop third party apps that utilize the camera. One development company has hacked their way through WP7 to provide a glimpse at how augmented reality apps might look on Windows Phone 7. With any hope, Microsoft will … [Read more...]

HTC HD7 Has Pink Camera Problems


The HTC HD7 seems to have inherited a major problem from its predecessor, the HD2, a pink camera. Evidently something is significantly wrong with the white balance calculator, as this is a photo of a fridge — a white one I might add. It doesn't seem to be hitting everyone, and might be a low-light issue. The HD2's problem was fixed via a software update, so hopefully HTC … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Devs Denied Access To Camera

According to Fortune, WP7 devs are hitting a roadblock with certain app types: they can't control the camera. For reasons unknown, the SDK didn't include the tools or documentation for pulling information from the lens. Which makes making photography, video chat and AR apps just about impossible. Two app makers interested in developing for Windows Phone 7, Layar and Fring, … [Read more...]