Nokia Properly Introduces Camera Extras For Your Lumia Windows Phone


Over at the Nokia Conversations blog, Nokia has properly introduced the Camera Extras application with a video and quick description of each feature. Camera Extras is already available on the Windows Phone marketplace for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, we have the download link at the end of this post. Below you will find the feature descriptions from the Nokia blog post, and the … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia Exclusive Camera Extras And PlayTo Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


It is June 22nd and, as previously posted, that means the recently announced Camera Extras and PlayTo applications are now available on the Windows Phone marketplace. We remind you, these two new applications are Nokia Lumia exclusive, and are now a part of the growing Nokia Collection of applications on the Windows Phone. Therefore, if you do haveĀ a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, … [Read more...]

Four New Nokia Windows Phone Applications Announced At 2012 Developer Summit


The Nokia Lumia exclusive collection of applications (and a single game) continues to grow. At the 2012 Developer Summit, Nokia announced four new applications that will be exclusive to Lumia devices: Camera Extras, Contact Share, Counters, and PlayTo. Each application will bring great new features to the Lumia Windows Phone lineup, both current and future devices. The four … [Read more...]