BlackBerry In Freefall Could Land Windows Phone In Third Place

Windows Phone market share vs BlackBerry

According to StatCounter, the install base for BlackBerry continues on a downward trend. If we're being honest, it's a complete freefall, with the percentage dropping from roughly 6 percent to 3-plus percent in week 31 of 2012. During the same timeframe, Windows Phone has seen slow and steady growth - emphasis on slow. The trajectory of BlackBerry coupled with the movement of … [Read more...]

Dell Swaps Employees Blackberrys for Venue Pro


Dell is planning on moving some 25,000 of their employees off the Blackberry, and into their WP7 offering: the utterly gorgeous Dell Venue Pro. Employees will be invited to swap in their old RIM device in exchange for a shiny new phone, with Android alternatives in the works too. This move away from the venerable Crackberry is a cost-saving measure, designed to save Dell up to … [Read more...]

Will There Be A Blackberry Style Handset For Windows Phone 7?


All of the WP7 devices that have been leaked so far (and there have been plenty) show one form factor, with a single variant: they're all large touch-screens, and some have a slide out keyboard. This is apparently known as a "chassis 1" configuration, so what's "chassis 2"? In an interview with, Microsoft's ISV developer evangelist Paul Foster talked a bit about … [Read more...]

Microsoft Celebrates Windows Phone 7 RTM With iPhone Hearses, Parade

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Buries iPhone

We get that the Microsoft team has been working real hard on Windows Phone 7 and delivering the RTM on time was certainly a milestone. Management could have thrown a party or given a few folks some time off. Instead we find out via Neowin that a parade through the Redmond campus took place complete with iPhone and BlackBerry hearses. Employees were claiming they had buried the … [Read more...]