Nokia Music Application Goes 2.0 And Play To Beta Goes Public On Windows Phone


Nokia is indeed not wasting any time pushing all the exclusive applications they can come up with to their Windows Phones. The best part is, they really come up with some great ideas for all these exclusive applications. It's difficult to resist going out and buying a Nokia Windows Phone (we're looking at you upcoming Lumia 900). Nokia's own music application, creatively … [Read more...]

Skype For Windows Phone Beta Now Available – Final Release In April


Officially titled Skype for Windows Phone Beta, the application is now available to download for all Windows Phone users. Over at The Big Blog, the announcement was made with much excitement by VP of Product at Skype, Rick Osterloh. Skype for Windows Phone Beta* supports the most important Skype features you've come to know and love. And you will be especially thrilled by the … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Movl Connect Platform Picks Up Windows Phone 7

infografia platform

With the new and great features already available on Samsung Smart TVs, and the many more new features announced at CES 2012, the Movl Connect Platform behind it all has picked up Windows Phone 7. As shown in many areas around the Movl Connect Beta website, the Windows Phone 7 has been added to the team of devices that will work with Samsung Smart TVs to deliver a multi-screen, … [Read more...]

Unannounced Mango Features Flood In After Developer Tools Release


After the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta was released yesterday, we expected nothing less than for both developers and aficionados alike to get their hands on the emulator and find unannounced features. Yes, first of all the developer tools beta does state it is Windows Phone 7.1, but that's only temporary, Windows Phone 7.5 is the codenamed Mango update coming later … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Connect for Mac Beta Released

Windows Phone Connector for Mac

Early this year, we heard a "maybe" when asked about Mac support for Windows Phone 7. Fast forward to mid-October and the gang at Microsoft announced a tool would be available to allow syncing between Macs and Windows Phone 7. The good news continues for Mac fans today, with the release of Windows Phone Connect for Mac beta. It's available for download now. Windows Phone … [Read more...]