Nokia Lumia 800 Software Update Improves Battery Performance

Nokia Lumia 800 Software Update

Nokia today announced a new software update for the Lumia 800. The update is the third in four months and brings with it "significant improvements in battery performance and power management". They plan to stagger the release globally with the update push starting today and running for the next four weeks. To check if you're update is available, connect your Lumia 800 … [Read more...]

Saving Your Battery Life On Windows Phone 7.5


As part of Tip Tuesday this week over at the Windows Phone blog, Michael Stroh gives us a quick heads up on the new battery saver feature added with the Windows Phone 7.5 update. With over 500 features included in the update, it's expected that everyone is using their current Windows Phone a little (ok, a lot) more. Microsoft included a battery saver feature with the update for … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Forums Insider

Our Windows Phone forums are a great place to get help with your new phone, ask questions or share your knowledge with others. Membership is free and registration takes less than a minute, even less using Facebook. In our weekly Insider feature, we'll bring you some of the hot topics this week: Any Regrets? Cheap Samsung Focus Screen Protector/Shield Music in … [Read more...]