Windows Phone 7 Doing Better Than Expected In Australia

All things considered, the general opinion is that WP7 hasn't been doing as well as it should. It doesn't matter if you blame it on lackluster advertising, slow updates, or a saturated market, without Microsoft putting out official numbers people are guessing low sales. However, this might not be the case in Australia. According to ChannelNews Microsoft's platform is doing … [Read more...]

Isaiah Mustafa Seduces on Radio With Windows Phone 7

Screen shot 2010-10-21 at 9.23.01 AM

Isaiah Mustafa, the amazing Old Spice Guy, is currently doing a media blitz in Australia, and had an interview on Australian radio channel NovaFM, in which he proceeds to spend three and a half minutes making the female interviewer completely melt, while talking about WP7. It's amazing, hilarious, and has more double entendres than a "that's what she said" competition. [via … [Read more...]

Isaiah Mustafah To Promote Windows Phone 7 In Australia

Isaiah Mustafah, aka the Old Spice Guy, aka the man your man could smell like, will be the face of WP7 in Australia in a new ad campaign. Kudos Microsoft, for once using an internet meme for advertising in a way that isn't completely cringe-worthy and stupid. This is much, much better than when Windows Live got the double rainbow guy in. [IStartedSomething, via WMPU] … [Read more...]

First Round of International Carriers for Windows Phone 7 Announced

At Windows Phone 7 Backstage (registration required), the international carriers for WP7 have been announced, though it's a scanty list to begin with, mostly in western Europe with one in Asia and one in Australia. You'll be able to use your WP7 phone … [Read more...]

Microsoft Goes Willy Wonka, Hides Golden Tickets In Chocolate


At TechEd Australia this week, Microsoft will be giving out 250 blocks of chocolate, with Windows Phone 7 branded labels. Hidden inside 5 of these bars is a Golden Ticket, which will let you go on a magical tour of the Microsoft factory, where you will wonders, be tempted by Steve Jobs, and possibly inherit the entire business! Well, maybe not. Instead, each Golden Ticket … [Read more...]