How To Enable AT&T Visual Voicemail On Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Mango update introduced visual voicemail, however, many are left dumbfounded upon reception of the update or even their new 4G LTE Windows Phone. The reason you have yet to see visual voicemail on an AT&T Windows Phone is because someone decided it was a genius idea to apparently tie the feature to your AT&T data plan. However, as usual the Internet … [Read more...]

White Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Already Available At Most AT&T Stores


Since yesterday (when we first heard about the awesome news), the elusive white Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is already available at most AT&T stores ahead of the April 22nd release. The white Lumia 900 is available at the same price as all other colors, $99.99 for all new customers/upgrades. For no commitment the price is $449.99. Go get one for yourself while they're … [Read more...]

AT&T Explains Why Updates Are Missing Since Mango – Working On Update With Much More


According to a post by jamileh over on the AT&T forums, AT&T hasn't pushed any Windows Phone updates since Mango for a reason. That reason is the fact that apparently AT&T is working on a bigger update which will include the important 8107 update and more. Here post reads the following: Hey all - I know you're eagerly awaiting news about this. AT&T plans for … [Read more...]

Nokia Recognizes Lumia 900 Software Issue – $100 Credit To Purchases Before April 21st, Quick Fix Update Available April 16th


Nokia has identified a software issue, as explained on the Nokia Conversations blog, where a memory management issues in some cases has led to loss of data connectivity. Nokia immediately clarifies that this is a software issue, not hardware or network related. A fix has already been developed and will be ready for download through a software update by April 16, … [Read more...]

AT&T Free Samsung Focus w/ Bluetooth Headset And GoPhone Prepaid Packages Available Online


First of all, these two packages we discovered over at the AT&T online packages page, are online only. Don't go running out to your local AT&T store to try and get the same package deals, because they probably won't even have the package(s) available. With that said, AT&T now has two great packages available with the Samsung Focus Windows Phone. The Samsung … [Read more...]