AT&T Internal Document States Windows Phone 7.8 Update Will Release After Windows Phone 8 Devices

AT&T Windows Phone 7

An internal AT&T document to employees pretty much states with confidence that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will release after Windows Phone 8 device become available. The internal document was sent to AT&T employees as a read-all know-all in regards to the recent 2012 Windows Phone Developer Summit. Windows Phone 8 devices are set to begin releasing this fall 2012, … [Read more...]

AT&T, The Unmatched Leader In Windows Phone, Plans To Stay As Such


In a quick statement that reaffirms AT&T and their stance with Windows Phone, is it clear that AT&T will carry the Windows Phone lineup in all stores with strong presence. The statement from AT&T comes after the recent Windows Phone 8 announcement at the 2012 Developer Summit. The statement was delivered by AT&T to assure all customers, that just as AT&T has … [Read more...]

Deal: Regional AT&T Promotions For Windows Phone Devices And Accessories


AT&T is really putting it all in for Windows Phone, at the moment there are up to four regional promotions going on that involve Windows Phone devices and accessories. We break down all four promotions below, be sure to take advantage as they are all limited time offers. These promotions are regional and only available in the United States through AT&T. Northeast … [Read more...]

Update Now Available For Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone On AT&T


The beautifully different (and irresistibly amazing) Nokia Lumia 900 is now due for an update on the AT&T network in the United States. Feedback over several months from Lumia 900 owners has allowed for this update to become available, offering a series of upgrades and enhancements to the already amazing device. Nokia wants all Lumia Windows Phone owners to know that … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus 2 4G LTE Windows Phone Now Available Through AT&T For $49.99


The Samsung Focus 2 4G LTE Windows Phone is now available for purchase through AT&T. Originally, the phone was discovered under the "Mandel" code name, but made it's debut at CTIA, and now it is available for purchase. With new customers, the phone will cost $49.99 (two year contract), upgrades come in at $19.99, and off contract customers will be paying $399.99. The … [Read more...]