AT&T Wireless Stores Selling Moto Q9h Ahead of Official Release

Motorola and AT&T have yet to announce the official release date of the Moto Q 9h, but several reader reports indicate sales of the new Moto Q 9h have started at local AT&T Wireless Stores. Reports say the official release date will be November 1st, but some stores have begun selling the device. Since the announcement of the GSM based Vodafone Q9h, many have … [Read more...]

Motorola Q9 Appears On AT&T Support Site

Although we've yet to see an official release, the Motorola Q 9 appears on AT&T's support site. Outlining Differences Between Moto Q9h and Moto Q9m The Moto Q 9 is currently available in Europe through Vodafone under the Moto Q 9h moniker. Earlier today, Verizon announced the Moto Q 9m. Despite being in the same family, the Q 9m and Q 9h have some major differences. … [Read more...]