Deal: Tweet It! Free For 48 Hours On Windows Phone Marketplace


For 48 hours only, one of the fastest and feature rich Twitter applications - Tweet It! - on the Windows Phone is absolutely free! With a current average marketplace rating of 4 out of 5 stars, Tweet It! being offered absolutely free is a bargain you should not miss out on. The regular price of Tweet It! is $1.99 which makes it difficult for many Windows Phone users to decide … [Read more...]

Nokia Drive 3.0 And Nokia Transport 2.0 Features Detailed


Nokia continues to push out great Windows Phone devices all over the world, and never ceasing to impress are doing just the same with their own applications. Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport are set to receive major updates soon, rightly named Nokia Drive 3.0 and Nokia Transport 2.0. The two applications are part of the great collection available exclusively on Nokia Windows … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone Developer Summit For June 20th


Microsoft has announced a Windows Phone Developer Summit that will take place from June 20th to the 21st next month. The summit will be held in San Francisco, California and, according to sources, Microsoft is using this event to attract developers and big name brands to the Windows Phone platform. Unfortunately, for the Windows Phone platform, although it is very different … [Read more...]

Photosynth Windows Phone Version 1.0.0 Discovered – Release Expected Soon


A reader over at WPCentral has produced some great results with his detective work on the Photosynth application releasing for Windows Phone. Last we reported about Photosynth on the Windows Phone, Microsoft stated it was a top priority and only with the release of Windows Phone Mango would the proper APIs be available for such an application. That was over a year ago, Windows … [Read more...]

Microsoft Research Project ‘FALCON’ Brings Application Content Pre-load To Devices

Demo Link Microsoft Research is always working on some very innovative technology and ideas for all Microsoft hardware and software. With FALCON (Fast App Launching with Context) the group is focusing on context-based application launching. Ideally, FALCON will collect analytical data such as the time, location, and application access patterns of the user. That data will … [Read more...]