GoogleMaps on Motorola Q Video Preview

Announced earlier, Google has released GoogleMaps for Windows Mobile Smartphone. In this video preview, we take a look at some of features found in this new application. The application is a mobile version of the popular GoogleMaps. If you have an external GPS receiver, GoogleMaps enables you to track your current position. Among other useful features, GoogleMaps … [Read more...]

Birdsoft Releases Extreme Agenda Version 2

Birdsoft has released a major upgrade to Extreme Agenda. Click to enlarge. Version 2.0 offers a host of new features including: Integrated Secure Wallet with 256-bit encryption Appointment Templates Right Month Preview Theme File Support Numerous display customization options including 15 new color settings Task Preview Pane Hide Views More Recurring … [Read more...]

Core Codec Releases CorePlayer

CoreCode, makers of the popular free "The Core Pocket Media Player", have released Core Player. The new commercial version of the player features: Advanced Skinning Interface Support for the following codecs: AAC/MP3/WMA/WMV9/DIVX/XVID/MP4/MKV/MIDI Streaming Support Hardware acceleration on supported devices CoreCode is available as a free trial download in the … [Read more...]

AskMeNow Introduces New Application for Motorola Q

AskMeNow today announced the availability of a new AskMeNow application for Motorola Inc.'s new Motorola Q available on the Verizon Wireless network. The handheld application features AskMeNow's ground breaking and proprietary AskMeAnything feature, supported through the company's research and data center in Asia. AskMeAnything allows you to ask virtually any question … [Read more...]