Windows Phone Traffic Coverage Improved And Expanded With The Help Of Nokia


The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia is starting to bring even more improvements to Bing services, especially on the Windows Phone. This time, we are talking about a better Maps application on the Windows Phone. With the help of Nokia, there is more traffic coverage in the Windows Phone Maps application. Secondary to these map improvements on the Windows Phone, users … [Read more...]

Nokia With Their Top Five Lumia Windows Phone Photo-enhancing Applications


Nokia has taken a look at the photo-enhancing applications available on the Windows Phone marketplace, and has a top five list to share. To no surprise, and actually a superb application, the Nokia Lumia exclusive Creative Studio application is at the top of the list. We have the article down below, along with download links for all of the mentioned applications. We want to … [Read more...]

CNN Application Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


The 90 day Nokia Lumia exclusive period of the CNN application has now expired, and the application is now available for all Windows Phone users to download. The best thing about the CNN application on Windows Phone is that it brings the CNN iReport built in. CNN iReport allows you to be the reporter, whenever wherever. You can view the iReports of other users, or record and … [Read more...]

Samsung ChatON Windows Phone Application Will Not Remain Exclusive


  After Samsung released their ChatON application only a few days ago, there is now word that the application will not remain exclusive to Samsung Windows Phones, but will be available on all Windows Phones. It was a strange sight at first to see Samsung's ChatON application only available to their own Windows Phones, despite being available on Android, iOS, and … [Read more...]

LINE Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


The Japanese rival to Skype, LINE is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace. The LINE application is very popular in Asian markets, with availability in over 230 countries. LINE was already available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and is now available for the Windows Phone. Mentioning that LINE is a rival to Skype, it is a VOIP/chat service, but at the moment only the … [Read more...]