Google+ Application Coming To Windows Phone


  Although there is no set date yet, Stefan Keuchel, spokesperson for Google Germany, has responded to a Twitter question revealing that a Google+ application is coming to Windows Phone. Specifically, said Twitter user asked Mr. Keuchel the very direct question of when and whether or not there will be a Windows Phone Google+ application. The conversation actually took place … [Read more...]

Windows Phone App Review – Sketch


In this review we take a look at another Windows Phone application which allows you to apply a wide selection of different sketch effects to any image of your liking. Self-explanatory enough, the application is called Sketch. It is developed by thumbmunkey, the same developer behind Phototastic (click for our review of that), so right away we were sure it would be a great … [Read more...]

Windows Phone App Review – Phototastic


We are going to start off by saying this: if you are looking for an all-in-one photo effects (and borders) application on your Windows Phone, Phototastic is on of the best applications to offer this to you. We took it for a spin and were impressed right away, without getting into the effects or borders yet, at how nicely presented the application is. Developer thumbmunkey did a … [Read more...]