New Windows Phone 7 Ad Promises “Glance and Go”

MobilityDigest has posted a Windows Phone 7 advertisement from Microsoft, which pushes the strengths of the UI heavily, especially the ability to just glance at the home screen, and see everything quickly without the need to go into apps. A commenter on the original post claims this isn't a traditional ad, and is instead meant to be run on a constant loop in-store, which … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Shows Up On Bing Ad

This ad for Bing is actually the first real ad we've seen for Windows Phone 7, showing off the look and feel of the UI as well as Bing Maps. There's a lot more meat on this than the Lawrence of Arabia teaser that popped up last week. Technically, this ad is for Bing, but really, it's for WP7. I guess this is the beginning of a media blitz, expect to see many more in the … [Read more...]

New Windows Phone 7 Ad Arrives

The official YouTube feed for WindowsPhoneUK put up this new ad for Windows Phone 7. Called Lawrence of Arabia, it depicts a WP7 phone arriving through a desert haze, and promises "the revolution is coming." In all honesty, with all the money that Microsoft is throwing at this phone, they could have done better. It's overly long, you have to wait for most of the ad before … [Read more...]