Video: New WP7 Ad Shows Off XBox Live Integration

Xbox Live integration should really be a killer feature on WP7. Microsoft should be pushing this platform as the mobile OS for gamers, which will sync back and forth between your XBox Live account like nobody's business, and earn you some mad gamer points. Finally here we see Microsoft at least vaguely attempting that, in a 30 second spot that shows off the Samsung Focus as a … [Read more...]

New Windows Phone 7 Ad For The Skydiving Photographer In Us All

New ad from the good folks at Microsoft, this time about how you can take photos even while the device is locked, so you don't need to unlock it and launch an app before grabbing a snapshot. Call me device paranoid, but I don't think I'd be pulling my phone out while plummeting to my doom, but hey, it's an ad, it's for dramatic effect.. [via WMPU] … [Read more...]

AT&T Windows Phone 7 Ads Are Adorable

AT&T has put out a couple of TV spots for two of their WP7 handsets, marking the first ads we've seen that have actually focused on the individual models and their strengths, rather than the platform as a whole. What can I say, the CG monsters are freaking adorable! Well done, AT&T, and I can't wait to see more! As a bonus, here's a Facebook video the company made … [Read more...]