Sprint Set To Get WP7 In January?


According to Neowin, Sprint may be getting Windows Phone 7 as soon as next month, doubtless because AT&T and T-Mobile kept an iron grip on the platform over the lucrative holiday season. The source stated that Windows Phone 7 would be coming to Verizon and Sprint in January but did not state if the devices would be announced at CES. Also, the specific devices were not … [Read more...]

HTC 7 Trophy MicroSD Slot Uncovered


When an enterprising owner of the HTC 7 Trophy first pulled apart their device, we saw a mass of silver tape covering much of the internals of the phone. A user at a PocketPC.ch has done something that gives me the heebie-freaking-jeebies, and actually had the guts to peel off the tape to find the MicroSD slot. So yes, technically you can get to the MicroSD slot on the phone, … [Read more...]

Verizon Powered HTC Trophy Landing on WP7 In Early 2011


The first Verizon WP7 phone? It looks like it might be the HTC Trophy. This flyer was sent through to Engadget and shows a special deal for Microsoft employees, where if they renew their Verizon contract for another two years, they get the phone plus some free accessories for $200 — more or less what us plebeians would expect to pay. It's quad band, so you won't be stuck with … [Read more...]

HTC 7 Trophy Suffers From Screen Bubbles, Recall Imminent?


Just yesterday we covered a number of issues that buyers are having with their HTC 7 Trophy, and it looks like it's getting worse. A number of users are reporting long streaky bubbles on the screen of their Trophy, which appear to be bubbles between the layers of the super LCD. The original forum thread is filled with people with the complaint, and one user returned his … [Read more...]