Surprise 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games $0.99 Sale Is Permanent

Remember those 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games we posted about dropping in price? Whether you do or don’t, now there is no rush to download them in hesitation of an eminent expiration. The price drop is permanent! In a strategy produced by Microsoft, they worked with developers to drop the prices on the seven involved Xbox LIVE games to go alongside the release of the Nokia Lumia 900 release in the United States. For some of the developers it was a matter of being able to offer their application at the same price as other platforms, and for other developers they felt they would make a profit anyway. Either way it’s win win for everyone. Happy Windows Phone customers with low priced Xbox LIVE games means many more purchases anyway.

So go get your hands on the awesome 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games for only $0.99!

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