Skype For Windows Phone Beta Now Available – Final Release In April

Officially titled Skype for Windows Phone Beta, the application is now available to download for all Windows Phone users. Over at The Big Blog, the announcement was made with much excitement by VP of Product at Skype, Rick Osterloh.

Skype for Windows Phone Beta* supports the most important Skype features you’ve come to know and love. And you will be especially thrilled by the clean and simple Skype experience that the Metro user interface delivers on your Windows Phone. It has never before been so easy to connect with the people you care about most.

No registration, no extra steps; simply download the application as you would any other application, try it out, give some feedback, call your friends, you name it. We remind you, this is a beta, therefore it is possible to experience problems. If you do experience problems, take action and contact Skype directly to help improve the application prior to final release.

Download Link: Skype ( Link) – Skype (Direct Windows Phone/Zune download link)

Take a look at a quick walkthrough video provided by Skype on the new Skype for Windows Phone beta application:

With Skype for Windows Phone Beta you can make free audio and video calls** to your Skype contacts over 3G and 4G or WiFi***, make affordable calls to landlines and mobiles using Skype Credit, create and hold one-to-one and group chats, and update your profile and account information, among others features.

This is only the beginning for Skype for Windows Phone…it’s just going to get better and better. We see incredible potential to include Skype capabilities in Windows Phone in order to enable a great experience for you.

You can download the beta version of the Skype for Windows Phone app for free**** […] You will need to have a smartphone running Windows Phone 7.5. You can check what version of Windows Phone your phone is running at Settings > About.

We have already tested and certified the following devices for the best performance of Skype for Windows Phone:

• Nokia Lumia 710
• Nokia Lumia 800
• HTC Titan
• HTC Radar
• Samsung Focus S
• Samsung Focus Flash

We love hearing your thoughts and questions, so please feel free to visit our Skype Support Network or tweet your Skype for Windows Phone questions to @Skype. Also, you can join us on Twitter by following the #SkypeMWC hashtag where we will be sharing Windows Phone tips throughout the week.

*The beta version of the Skype for Windows Phone app will have English language support only.
**The device must be equipped with at least one camera to utilize video calling.
*** Users can place calls with their Windows Phone over a cellular data connection or WiFi network. Additional data charges may apply. To get the best quality video calling, Skype recommends a strong WiFi connection. Skype-to-Skype calling on Windows Phone is compatible with Skype for Windows 4.2 and above, Skype for Mac OS X 2.8 and above, Skype for Linux, Skype for iOS 3.0 and above, Skype for Android 2.0 and above, and Skype running on TVs.
**** The Skype for Windows Phone Beta app is free. If you use your mobile data connection to download the Skype app, operator charges may apply, so we recommend an unlimited data plan.

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