Samsung Patek and Universe Rumored Windows Phone 7 Devices, Launching October 17 on AT&T

Engadget received a giant bundle of device launch dates for AT&T, most of which are boring Android and Blackberry devices, but there are two on there that are slightly more interesting. Set to debut on October 17: the "Patek" and "Universe" from Samsung. Given the date's proximity to the presumed Windows Phone 7 launch, we'd argue that at least one of these is likely the … [Read more...]

The Samsung GT-i8700 Pops Up On Video

The Samsung GT-i8700 is a sleek looking beast that we've seen photographed before, and now we have video evidence of the handset. Unfortunately, the focus is crap, the lighting low, and we see almost nothing of the handset itself. Here's a hint for people leaking a new phone: if it's on an OS that has already been extensively viewed and understood, pay attention to the … [Read more...]

Samsung GT-i8700 Is A Sexy Monolith


A tipster sent Gizmodo these shots of the Samsung GT-i8700, and man does it look sweet. All we can really tell from them is that it has 8GB of storage, and a camera. But look at the thing! That's a grownup's phone. Sleek and black, this looks like it'll be pretty squarely aimed at the high-end market. Check out how tiny that bezel is! … [Read more...]

Samsung Has Windows Phone 7 Low On Priority

While talking to Reuters, Samsung announced that Android phones would be their big push, and WP7 would only get a passing glance. Ouch. "We are Prioritizing our Android platform. Android is very open and flexible, and there is a consumer demand for it," said YH Lee, head of marketing at Samsung Mobile. As for Windows Phone 7, "there is still some professional, specialized … [Read more...]

Samsung Cetus i917 Snapped


Pictures of the elusive Samsung Cetus have shown up on Engadget's doorstep, and while they're blurry as all hell, this is the first proper look we've had of this thing. It's curvy, great looking, and destined for AT&T. Here's what we know about it so far: Samsung Cetus is a smartphone based on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 . It uses 800×480 4.0″ AMOLED with full touch screen, … [Read more...]