Samsung Omnia 7 Updates Have Now Been Resumed

In the beginning of May, Microsoft halted updating to some Samsung devices after problems were coming up for users. Microsoft announced over on the Windows Phone Blog that updating has been re-initiated for Samsung Omnia 7 devices. Samsung Focus devices still have the update hold in effect, Microsoft says they have solid progress on the Focus updates and will definitely update soon with a restart date. Eric Hautala posted the very useful post in which it provides instructions and information on the updates, and what exactly users are receiving.

Today we restarted updating Omnia 7 phones. The restart is happening in phases. Go to the Zune software and manually check for an update. If you don’t see one today, look again next Tuesday when we plan to deliver updates to additional Omnia 7 customers. Operators being targeted in later phases include Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and SFR.

[..]You can learn more about our updates and how to install them from Update Central.

If you have already received the copy and paste update on your Samsung device before updates were halted then you will only receive the “7392” security update. If you haven’t received both the copy and paste and 7392 update then you will receive both (back to back) with this restarted update process.

Samsung is also working closely with Microsoft on the matter. Eric Hautala closes the post with this final statement:

One final important note. A small number of people who’ve already installed the March “copy and paste” update on their Omnia 7 might have trouble installing 7392, but Samsung today published a new tool designed to fix this. If you get stuck during installation, please see this support article, which contains troubleshooting steps and a link to the new Samsung tool.

If you have a Omnia 7 let us know how the update process goes for you, or if you run into any problems (hopefully not).


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