Rumor: Windows Phone Tango Update To Bring Unique Changes To Nokia Lumia Devices

White Nokia Lumia 900

Rumors are continuing to build up as the expected release of the Windows Phone Tango update approaches. This time, the following rumors are the latest stirring up on the Internet:

  • The Marketplace on Lumia devices will be renamed (with a corresponding logo) to “Nokia Marketplace”
  • Further improvements to battery life
  • Nokia will release an application that will allow Bluetooth file transfers between Lumia devices. This will be similar to the already existent Bluetooth contact transfer application exclusive to Lumia devices.
  • Lumia devices will receive many future updates, including major ones (i.e. Apollo)

We are as anxious as everyone else, not only to hear the official word on what the Windows Phone Tango update will bring, but also to see some of these great rumors become truth.



  1. Darsan v.r says

    why can’t they give us a proper bluetooth transfer which allows us to transfer things to any bluetooth equiped’s a shame to nokia lumia .. i expect an update which would help all lumia users from this shame..

  2. lumialove says

    I think he just said that. My lumia is the greatest smartphone I’ve ever owned. My Bluetooth works with Nokia Play 360, so I’m happy.

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