Rumor: Samsung Releasing Another Windows Phone This Summer Besides ‘Mandel’

Yet another report from WPDang has the website claiming from multiple sources that Samsung is releasing another Windows Phone Tango device this summer, besides the Samsung “Mandel.” The supposed device to release alongside the Samsung Mandel, is codenamed “Minuet.” There is not much information on a more precise release date or more specifications about it, according to WPDang’s report, but the phone will for sure have the following:

  • Minuet will come around Summer 2012 with Windows Phone Tango on board
  • It will feature a 4″ screen
  • Inside the Minuet will be a Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.4GHz

Along with our previous post about at least three Samsung Windows Phones releasing this year, and now this rumored “Minuet,” lets hope the rumors ring true and Samsung makes a name for itself again in the Windows Phone world. Samsung is one of a handful of manufacturers that we feel has gone completely dark after releasing only a few Windows Phones in the last two years.

WPDang via WP Sauce


  1. symbolset says

    It’s not true. Samsung is investigating WP8. No new phones from Samsung until then. WP8 is not a solid commitment either, just a survey.

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