Rovio Working On Optimized Angry Birds Game For Nokia Lumia 610

Due to the Nokia Lumia 610 running on Windows Phone Tango, and being constrained by its 256 MB of RAM, the list of incompatible applications is slowly growing. Most new Lumia 610 owners will immediately go for big application downloads such as Skype and Angry Birds. In regards to at least these two applications, Skype shows no signs of being optimized for the Lumia 610, while Rovio is evidently working on an optimized version of Angry Birds for the Lumia 610.

The evidence of an optimized Lumia 610 version of Angry Birds has been revealed on the Nokia Conversations Finland blog, where Editor-In-Chief Heidi Lemmetyinen revealed the version is being worked on. Lemmetyinen does also clarify that there is no availability window at the moment, but as soon as more information is available Nokia will surely provide it.

It is great to see that at least one incompatible-with-256 MB of RAM application/game will soon be available for the Lumia 610 Windows Phone for all to enjoy. Hopefully, Skype picks up on this (or already has) and creates an optimized version as soon as possible.

Nokia Conversations Finland via WMPoweruser

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