App Review: Big Oven for Windows Phone 7

Big Oven for Windows Phone 7

If you enjoy cooking or simply looking for ways to use leftovers, then look no further than BigOven for Windows Phone 7. It’s a free app that is available in the Marketplace. Read on for our review and we'll even throw in a tip for some tasty meatloaf. BigOven provides you with access to over 170,000 recipes, all from your Windows Phone 7 device. You easily search … [Read more...]

Slingbox for Windows Phone 7 Gets Reviewed

The guys at Engadget have taken a look at Slingbox for Windows Phone 7. The interface looks pretty slick, but there seem to be some issues with response time of up to 20 seconds. Let's hope they sort them out over time. Slingbox for Windows Phone 7 retails for $30 and requires the Slingbox Pro HD. via Engadget … [Read more...]

Video: Windows Phone 7 Fart App Roundup & Review

We interrupt our normally high brow coverage of Windows Phone for this roundup. Like it or not, fart applications have become the fabric of any credible App Store or in this case Marketplace. In Apple's App Store, iFart sold 38,927 copies of their room clearing app in one day. People buy these apps. We figured we'd do our civic duty and provide our readers with a roundup of … [Read more...]

Mossberg Calls Windows Phone 7 “Novel But Lacking”

The first round of WP7 reviews are starting to float in, and tech heavyweight Walt Mossberg has weighed in — and is less than fully impressed. For those of you who aren't familiar, Mossberg is the tech editor for the Wall Street Journal, and arguably the most important journalist in the field — especially for lay people. He took WP7 for a spin, and isn't totally … [Read more...]