PAC-MAN Kart Rally Gets A Price Cut Only A Few Days After Release

Well, that was fast, Xbox LIVE game PAC-MAN Kart Rally just released this past week and only a few days later has received a price cut. The price cut brings the not-so-well-received Xbox LIVE Windows Phone game down from the launch price of $4.99 to $2.99.

For many who initially downloaded the game, they noticed it was either not worth the high price or it was just a clone of better kart racing games. Regardless, it seems the negative reception convinced Microsoft, Namco Bandai, and/or whoever else involved to give the game a price cut so soon. Some users have left reviews from day one that this game is worth only $0.99 at most, but hopefully the $2.00 off price cut helps with the sales and reviews.

We assume this price cut is permanent, but there hasn’t been any official word on the cut. Just in case you’re interested, you should jump on the cut as soon as possible.

Download Link: PAC-MAN Kart Rally

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