Nokia Claims They Can Customize The Hell Out Of Windows Phone 7

On this site, I've previously railed against the evils of manufacturer and carrier customization, as I think it's a major problem, leads to market fragmentation, and half of what's wrong with Android. Windows Phone 7's greatest strength is its steller interface and user experience, and letting manufacturers run slipshod over that seems a recipe for disaster. Unlike other … [Read more...]

No Nokia WP7 Phones Until End Of Year

According to the Guardian, those gorgeous Nokia concepts we've been drooling over might not land for a very long time. See, Nokia isn't jumping on board the Windows Phone bandwagon until Mango comes out, which isn't planned to happen until October at the earliest. Apparently, Elop has been very careful only to mention "Windows Phone" not "Windows Phone 7,"┬áplus his caginess … [Read more...]

Nokia Confirms Leaked Concepts and Provides More Info


If you recall our post the other day about the leaked Nokia WP7 Concept Phones, Nokia confirmed at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday that the images are in fact real. Nokia not only confirmed the validity of the leaked image (found above) but also provided a new image to boot: Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, also stated that Microsoft and Nokia plan to have phones released … [Read more...]

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concepts Leave Us Wanting Them Now

Nokia Windows Phone 7

We likely will not see a Nokia manufactured phone running Windows Phone 7 in 2011, but it looks as if the company has taken the time to push out some concepts. These are renders and not real phones, but certainly leaves us wanting a Nokia/Windows Phone 7 lovechild like now. via Engadget … [Read more...]