Nokia Themes For WP7 Mocked Up


Scratching your head over what a Nokia UI on WP7 might look like? Worried by how much power Microsoft is giving Nokia to tweak the interface on the already beautiful Windows Phone 7? MyNokiaBlog has put together some fan renders of what it might look like, and you know what? They're not completely hideous — and that collapsable app list is very cool! Some of variants are even … [Read more...]

Microsoft Forked Out $1B In Nokia Deal?


According to Bloomberg, Microsoft's payout to Nokia to get them into the Windows Phone 7 partnership was a rather substantial $1 billion, and then Nokia will pay MS for each copy of Windows Phone 7 they install on a phone. While $1 billion may sound like an immense sum, Nokia has essentially just given up half its business, killing a huge chunk of their software development and … [Read more...]

Taiwanese Manufacturers Gearing Up For More WP7?

According to the occasionally reliable Digitimes, Taiwanese manufacturers are gearing up for even more Windows Phone 7 manufacturing, with the eye of picking up lucrative contracts from the likes of Nokia, who are rumored to be adding a number of Windows Phone handsets in 2012. There's also potentially lucrative markets where other smarthphones are not yet dominant: While most … [Read more...]

Nokia Promises Low Cost WP7 Phones Quickly

This whole Nokia mess is getting rather confusing. We recently heard that we won't see any Nokia WP7 phones for some time, but at the same time, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has just been quoted talking about getting cheap models into the market quickly. Spotted by SlashGear, Elop is pushing the importance of low cost smartphones — arguably the next big market for smartphones — and … [Read more...]

ST-Ericsson Prepared to Offer Chipsets with Nokia WP7 Devices

In an interview by Reuters at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager at Microsoft, stated "Adding support to new hardware ... is absolutely part of our strategy." With that statement, ST-Ericsson (STMicroelectronics and Ericsson) announced at the trade show that they will have chipsets available for Nokia WP7 Devices. … [Read more...]