Nokia Drive And Location Services Now Available To Other Windows Phone 8 Partners


As posted on the Nokia Conversations blog, Nokia has made Nokia Drive available to other Windows Phone 8 partners. What does this mean, in a nutshell? Other Windows Phone 8 partners with access to Nokia Drive will offer a turn-by-turn navigation experience for users in over 110 countries. The ease of use, the user experience produced, and location-based services in Nokia Drive will make navigation effortless.

Today, we are also making this platform and its unrivalled quality of data and richness of features available on Windows Phone 8 for all partners. This means that Nokia’s Location platform will be central to the Windows Phone 8 experience, with the intention of developing smartphones that bring advanced location experiences.Windows Phone 8 partners and developers will be able to use our location assets to build location-based apps and experiences of superior quality.

Here is what makes the Nokia location platform the biggest in the world:

  • We have maps data for more than 190 countries in more than 50 languages and navigation in more than 110 countries
  • We collect information from Nokia Drive users and local authorities to provide traffic alerts in 26 countries, and also allow dynamic rerouting
  • We have venue maps in over 5,000 shopping malls, train stations, airport, sports venues, etc. in 35 countries
  • We support multi-modal routing: by car, on foot (including footpaths, shortcuts, etc. in over 400 cities) and by public transportation (over 100 cities)

Nokia Drive and Nokia’s location services becoming available to both, partners and developers, will definitely make the Windows Phone platform the best in the world for navigation.

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