Speck To Release New Moto Q Cases

Speck has announced they will relase a new line of Moto Q cases. The new cases are expected to be released in July or August with Motorola Q compatible versions of their popular case models. The new cases include: ToughSkin: Ultimate rugged protection for road warriors Canvas Sport: Sneaker-inspired case designed for sports lovers SeeThru: Ultra-sleek protection for … [Read more...]

Neuros Technology Adds Support for Motorola Q

Neuros Technology has announced the Neuros Recorder 2 is now compatible with the Motorola Q smartphone. The Neuros Recorder 2 records video content from any video source directly onto memory cards that can be instantly played back on handhelds including the Motorola Q. The Neuros Recorder 2 already has the functionality to playback video on smartphones, cellphones … [Read more...]

Motorola Q and your Mac

Out of the box, the Motorola Q does not support the Macintosh platform. The latest alpha release of third party software Missing Sync for Windows Mobile provides hope for Mac users. Read how we were able to get the Mac working with the Moto Q. Ok, so you own a Mac and it makes sense that you want a cool smartphone that works with the Mac. Up until now, that list ended at … [Read more...]

Telus To Carry Moto Q

Wireless carrier Telus has announced they will be offering the Moto Q. Telus supports EVDO, so Q users will be able to take advantage of broadbandlike speeds in Canada. The Q features: hands-free speakerphone Wireless High Speed capable (EVDO) 1X ready* - access the internet at speeds similar to high speed wired connections MSN Messenger and 2-Way Text … [Read more...]