Motorola Shuts Door On Windows Phone 7

Christy Wyatt

It's with a tad bit of sadness that we report this news about Motorola. For those of you who don't know the history of everythingWM, we started back in 2006 as EverythingQ. Our site quickly became the number one community for Motorola Q owners. With Motorola moving to Android, we too migrated to everythingWM, allowing us to expand our coverage to include all Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Pre-Order A WP7 Phone, Get A Free 3-Month Zune Pass


If you pop over to the Microsoft Store and pre-order yourself a WP7 phone, you get a pretty cool little bonus: a free three-month Zune Pass. To quote Microsoft themselves: Sign-up to be notified to pre-order the new Windows Phone, and we’ll give you unlimited music for 3 months with a Zune Pass—FREE*. Just give us your email address. When Windows Phone is ready to pre-order, … [Read more...]

Motorola, Asus Get In On Windows Phone 7


Motorola will probably be making a device for Windows Phone 7, despite Microsoft filing a patent lawsuit against the hardware manufacturer. Motorola is on board, as long as the OS is "compelling," which it certainly looks to be. Motorola aren't the only ones thinking of leaping on board, Garmin-Asus has confirmed that in addition to working on Android smartphones, they have … [Read more...]

Kin Cost Microsoft $240 Million


One of the more interesting points of Microsoft's earning announcement yesterday was regarding the ill fated Kin. The now discontinued Kin line was a significant drain on the electronics giant. Writing off the project cost $240 million, without even taking into account development costs. That's right, a quarter of a billion dollars got sunk into that unfortunate experiment in … [Read more...]