Motorola Q11 Coming In December

Motorola today released the specifications for the Motorola Q11, along with news that the company expects the Moto Q11 to be released in the US in December of this year. Many have bemoaned the omission of 3G, but it appears Motorola is aiming to deliver an nice mix of features at an attractive price point. A recent report said that the average price of smartphones released in the US is $176. Apple’s move to reduce the price of the iPhone 3G to $199 has put pressure on vendors to be more aggressive when it comes to pricing their phones. Of course, the devil is in the details with the iPhone 3G, as the overall cost of ownership is higher than the first generation iPhone. Palm has seen great success with their $99 Palm Centro and perhaps that is what Motorola has in mind. On their site, Motorola describes the Motorola Q 11 as:  For mobile professionals and consumers who want a fully featured smartphone complete with a QWERTY keypad for fast messaging, easy access to email, location services and multimedia applications, the MOTO Q 11 delivers all of this at an affordable price.

Is the lack of 3G a deal breaker or do you think a WiFi/GPS enabled Moto Q 11 would be attractive at the right price?  Let us know in the comments.

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