Motorola Planning Moto Q Family of Smartphones

Motorola has officially confirmed plans for a family of Moto Q smartphones.

Moto Q 9 Family of smartphones

Motorola planning family of Moto Q smartphones

Despite rampant discussion regarding different variants of the Moto Q 9, Motorola had yet to officially confirm anything outside of the Moto Q 9h. A new¬†promotional page on Motorola’s site proudly displays two versions of the Moto Q 9, presumably the forthcoming Moto Q 9h and Moto Q 9m. The devices are being heralded as “ground-breaking, multi-media-centric” smartphones featuring an “ultra-fast Web experience”. The promotion also shows two placeholders for next generation members of the Q family.

Motorola has yet to officially announce wireless providers, but a release appears to be forthcoming considering this promotional page.

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