Motorola Mysteriously Quiet Ahead of CES

With CES starting tomorrow, it has been mysteriously quiet when it comes to upcoming smartphones from Motorola.

The new year marks a new beginning of sorts for Motorola, with Greg Brown taking over as CEO for Ed Zander. In fairness, the past few months saw releases of the Moto Q 9m on Verizon Wireless, the much anticipated Moto Q 9h on AT&T Wireless and the Moto Q 9c to close out the year. With new Moto Q products at all major wireless carriers, it would not seem likely that Motorola will use this platform to make any new announcements to the Q family of smartphones.

Greg Brown

Expectations for 2008

There have been rumors of a Verizon Moto Q 9c, since it showed up on a rebate form back in October. During that same timeframe, a leaked roadmap for Motorola provided a glimpse at the Motorola Genghis QX. According to the source, “a Multi Q line full QWERTY phone, that will be an upgrade to Motorola Q9 business messenger line and just like current Q9s will come in different colors”. A different source has a 3G QWERTY entry-level smartphone with a touch screen dubbed the Q10. There is no proof to this rumor and this could be the same Motorola QX. Simply put, there is not enough reliable information to pinpoint the future Q. 

With CES tomorrow, hopefully there will be some buzz surrounding new Motorola Q smartphones in the pipeline. There has already been a leak regarding Windows Mobile 7, the next generation OS from Microsoft that will make its way onto devices in 2009. Stay tuned!

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