Motorola Building Up Android Development Team

Up until now, Motorola and the Q series have been developed on the Windows Mobile Standard platform, but the company appears to have their sights set on Android.

The company has expanded their Android development team from 50 to 350. Motorola has been part of Google’s Open Handset Alliance, but perhaps there is a renewed faith in the Android OS after last week’s successful T-Mobile G1 launch. Reports that Verizon representatives were seen at a recent Android developer conference could also be seen as a reason for manufacturers such as Motorola to get in the game. Google’s Android Market is a play on Apple’s very successful iPhone App Store, but without the conviluted approval process set up by Apple. Right now, developers are cashing in on the success of the App Store, so it’s not clear how many will jump to Android. While Android is completely open, developers have greater support challenges given the amount of handsets expected in the marketplace. Motorola’s staff expansion is a clear indication they are working on a handset for Android.


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