Games Hub Changes Detailed For Windows Phone Mango Update


Microsoft is really throwing us plenty of information lately as far as features coming in Mango are concerned. This time we are covering a post made by Shirlene Lim, over at the Windows Phone Blog. One of the biggest changes Windows Phone users (and gamers) are questioning is what will be changed with the Games Hub in the Mango update due out fall this year. Lim provides plenty … [Read more...]

All Windows Phone Updates Now Delivering To Telefonica Spain Customers

Michael Stroh over at the Windows Phone Blog has updated us on, well, updates. All customers of Telefonica in Spain should now be receiving 7008, 7390 and 7390 updates. The scheduling of the restart of 7390 and 7392 for Omnia 7 handsets on Orange has also begun. Stroh promises he will update as usual when the delivery process begins. This time Michael Stroh makes no mention … [Read more...]

Samsung Omnia 7 Updates Resume For SFR Along With Update Page Changes


Microsoft has now posted their weekly update on updates, courtesy of Eric Hautala, GM of Customer Experience Engineering, over at the Windows Phone Blog. This week there isn't much news on the Samsung Focus 7392 update (which is still being tested), but Omnia 7 users on SFR in France now have their update rollout resumed. With this update post of the week, Hautala also brings … [Read more...]

Maarten Sonneveld On Expected Mango Release Date, Developer Marketplace & More

  NieuweMobilel.NL visited Maarten Sonneveld, responsible for Microsoft in the Netherlands, to talk about the future of Windows Phone. Sonneveld answered many questions with as much knowledge as he already knew about the future of the OS. All the following statements are information provided by Sonneveld in response to the many questions NieuweMobilel.NL had for … [Read more...]

Huawei Seeking Microsoft Windows Phone Partnership

In an interview with, Victor Xu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Huawei, revealed that they are actively working to establish a partnership with Microsoft. The partnership talk also includes the possibility of integrating NFC technology into devices. At the moment, Huawei is launching their first high-end smartphone later this year. The smartphone is Android … [Read more...]