Report: Microsoft Was Interested in Motorola

Now that Google had acquired Motorola Mobility, the attention has turned to suitors that also had interest in the handset maker. Sources have told GigaOM that Microsoft was involved for "quite some time". For Microsoft, it was less about purchasing a hardware manufacturer and more about increasing their patent portfolio. Some would argue that Google's intentions are also patent … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel Leaving

Charlie Kindel

A key linchpin with Microsoft's Windows Phone team has been Charlie Kindel. In his 21 years with Microsoft, Kindel has been involved with numerous products. He has played a vital part in generating developer interest in Windows Phone 7. In less than one year, the Marketplace now boasts over 23,000 applications. The fall release of Mango is expected to see an even greater … [Read more...]

Google Claims Microsoft Aligning With Apple To Wage Patent War Against Android

David Drummond

Google is none too happy these days with Apple, Microsoft and Oracle. Google's David Drummond, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, posted a blog post today on the Official Google Blog where he claims a "hostile, organized campaign against Android" is underway through bogus patents. Drummond cites Android's recent success with over 550,000 Android devices activated … [Read more...]

Updates Resumed For Omnia 7, HTC Surround And LG Quantum

Eric Hautala (GM, Customer Experience Engineering) over at the Windows Phone Blog has now updated us on the memory variant update progress for Samsung Focus devices. The update(s) is/are finally in the testing phase therefore we should expect it to be scheduled within the next two weeks, hopefully. For other devices, Omnia 7 devices on Orange now have their updates resumed … [Read more...]

Microsoft Shows Off Windows Phone Kinect Integration

Microsoft has demoed Windows Phone and Kinect integration in a new video that has emerged on the Internet. The video shows a Microsoft employee explaining what is possible with this integration, along with the power it gives companies over their commercials when seen on the Xbox 360 console with Kinect. Remember, Xbox 360 will also receive the usual Fall update this year, … [Read more...]