Microsoft Offering Free Time On April 9, 2012 In New York, Chicago, And San Francisco

In a short and mysterious post over on the Windows Phone Blog, Brian Seitz leaves us with a link to a website with one single page reading as follows:

Considering this link is in fact posted on the Windows Phone Blog, our first guess is this involves some type of “free time” with a Windows Phone device. Specifically, since the Lumia 900 launch party takes place on April 6th, we think this free time involves some hands-on with the Lumia 900. If anything, Microsoft is at least preparing their own event for April 9th to show off how much time you save with the Windows Phone OS and using it in your daily life.

However, the actual web address – – linked seems to detect your browser for whatever reason, and of course reads “free time machine.” All we need is for our Windows Phones to double as time machines, awesome! Let us know if you have any guesses about this April 9, 2012 mystery in the comments below.


  1. Jason says

    free time refers to the time you will get back in your life because Windows Phone is faster at doing the things you do with your phone everyday. See #smokedbywindowsphone for reference.

  2. Lyne says

    They walk in white and blue uniform over Market Street in San Francisco and give milk chocolate with white and blue wrap.

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