Microsoft Goes On Hiring Spree, Adding 40 New WP7 Members

According to Forbes, Microsoft is on the hunt for an additional 40 members of their WP7 team, and they’ve been adding job postings to their site since November. All the hires are in Redmond, and are mostly software developers. MobilityDigest breaks it down:

  • 21 software engineers, 4 of which are dedicated to Xbox Live. These cover synchronization, social networks, the cloud, maps, commerce, etc.
  • 5 members will be added to the user experience and design features
  • 3 hardware engineers are sought. Even though MS doesn’t manufacture the phones, they need to be liaisons between the software and hardware sides
  • 10 are a mix of managers and PR people

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Microsoft looks like they’re sticking with this for the long haul. Even though there are plenty of rumors that the initial sales numbers for WP7 were underwhelming, Microsoft is putting plenty of resources into the platform. They’re playing the long game, here.

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