MagikMail Brings Visual Voicemail To WP7

MagikMail (available in both paid and ad-supported versions) is currently the only way to get visual voicemail functionality with your WP7 phone. It’s built on the API of YouMail, and allows you to see your voicemails as a list to scroll through, gives you personalized greetings, and for an extra fee will transcribe your messages, edited by a real live human being.

It’s not quite as well integrated as Google Voice on Android or Visual Voicemail on iPhone, but for what it is, the reports indicated that it works relatively well, and gets the job done. Here’s the official description:

MagikMail puts you in control of your voicemails. Now you can manage your voicemails just like you do your emails:
*Get notified right away when you have a new message with push notifications
*Listen to your voicemails in any order
*See your caller’s information in your message list
*Flag important messages to process later
*Get your messages transcribed automatically to save time or when you can’t listen to them
*Organize your messages in folders
*Callback or reply by SMS to your callers with a simple click
*Forward your voicemail to anyone by email
*Change your greeting and record a new one easily
*Signup for your free YouMail account directly from within MagikMail
*Get a more personal voicemail experience seeing your contact’s pictures with their voicemails when you upload your contacts or link your facebook account through YouMail’s website.

Version 1.3 changes
*Added push notifications
*Make the trial version fully functional except for push notifications
*Added greetings support, both selecting a new greeting from your greetings list or recording a new one
*User interface tweaks for better usability
*Better support for transcriptions
*Bug fixes that were reported

[via BusinessInsider]

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