LG To Launch Windows 7 Phones By End Of Year


South Korean electronics giant LG has stated that it expects to have their first WP7 devices on shelves by the end of September (a rumor we heard about in February), with more by the end of the year. Reputedly, the first phone one that has been shown on the gadget blogs (this one, maybe?), is "ready to go", and will hit launch in September as the first device in the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Confirms Launch Partners For WP7


While talking to Pocket-Lint, Microsoft has officially stated which companies will be their partners for the launch of Windows Phone 7. While they're still not confirming when they'll launch (it'll happen in the "holidays"), you can expect handsets from Dell, Asus, LG, HTC, and Samsung. Samsung was already known to be a launch partner, because they produced the developer … [Read more...]

First Windows Phone 7 Series Device

Engadget's weekly show featured Microsoft's Aaron Woodman and he was packing the first Windows Phone 7 Series device we've seen. The LG Windows Phone 7 Series was a QWERTY slider, slightly thicker than the Nexus One or iPhone and had a 5 megapixel camera. Not much else to report, other than it's good to see prototypes in the wild. This is a good sign that perhaps a … [Read more...]

LG Might Release First Windows Phone 7 Series Device In September

Microsoft has stated that the first Windows Phone 7 series handsets will start shipping during the holiday season of 2010. Each year, that season gets expanded, so we are not sure exactly what dates to expect the first Windows 7 Phone. Engadget Chinese met with LG officials and they claim a LG branded Windows 7 Phone could ship as early as September, but as late as … [Read more...]